NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC reports on ancient use of biochar in the Amazon basin

On page 100 of the September issue of National Geographic (NG), the work of Dr William Sombroek in the Amazon Basin is featured.

Smithsonian Exhibit features biochar amended soils

The new exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC features a monolith of typical Terra Preta soil.

Biochar Research funded in the new 2008 Farm Bill

The U.S. Congress has enacted a new farm bill which includes biochar research as part of a range of “high-priority research and extension areas”. The U.S.

Jon Nilsson's UN Presentation

Soil Scientist, Jon Nilsson of the presented Agricultural Applications for Biomass Pyrolysis at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development Partnerships Fair .

NASA Scientist James Hansen named Biomass Pyrolysis as a means for combating climate change

In his February 2008 paper, NASA's Dr James Hansen includes biochar as one of the key carbon-negative energy technologies needed to achieve a reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels. to 350ppm.

American Chemical Society, scientists report that biochar has an unprecedented ability to improve the fertility of soil

- one that surpasses compost, animal manure, and other well-known soil conditioners.

American Geophysical Institute article focuses on the Biochar Revolution

In their July 2008 article in Geotimes the American Geophsysical Institute featured an article on the benefits of biochar and how it can boost soil fertility by trapping moisture, attracting benefi

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